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From flexible packaging to labels, the Pebble Printing Group realizes high-quality packaging projects for consumer, food, medical, cosmetic, and other applications- all made from stone paper.

What makes stone paper better for packaging than traditional paper?

Stone paper is an excellent material for packaging and more adaptable than traditional paper. Stone paper is food-grade, waterproof, grease-proof, tear-resistant and is manufactured as high-grammage board that can also be thermoformed. It has a very high quality, soft touch surface that customers will value. Most importantly, it has an extremely low environmental impact and the high recyclability of HDPE.

Our Product Segments


Packages with high experience value and innovative design for any commercial products on the market. Our packaging solution will give your product the presentation it deserves.


Rigorous standards for health and safety with endless creative possibilities. The Pebble Printing Group offers solutions for food packaging that fully utilize the unique characteristics of stone paper.


Various types of finishing to provide the highest quality appearance and feel. The Pebble Printing Group has the capacity to produce stunning boxes that communicate the high value of cosmetic products.


High quality and inert printing that delivers to customers the complete information of what they are consuming. Precision printing is required to produce beautiful displays in the medical packaging market.


In both packaging and labeling, The Pebble Printing Group offers finishing solutions that increase the perceived value of your printed products. They also give your designers more degrees of creative freedom.

Blind Embossing
Spot UV
QR Codes
Metallic Foils
Foil Stamping

References & Certifications

Pebble Printing Group Stone Paper Certifications

For security purposes, we do not display our customer’s packaging products publicly. Our stone paper suppliers’ EU food-grade, FDA, REACH, ROHS, and C2C certifications are also kept in a private database. Please contact us for our references and certifications.

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